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Groups/clubs Merchandising Stores

The evolution of social media is facilitating massive ways to stay in touch, share your dreams and passions, and ways to fund ideas to create new channels. 

For those who took the initiative to create groups and clubs, etc with great efforts and time investment, here comes a way to get compensated for all the dedication you put into your initiatives and care in creating channels for people to share their common interest.

We have created a way for social media groups/clubs, etc admins and creators to generate funds for whatever use they desired, it is a turnkey merchandising store for your group/club, etc that will make available casual clothing and accessories identifying your subscribing members with your very own logo and creating an strong sense of belonging that will solidify your group/club, etc members. And now please lets have you visit a live group store and please go over the store details, explore all the components and further down we’ll go over the particulars and plans in how you could have an store implemented for your online space.        

In order to accommodate the various situations you could be facing, we have come up with 7 plans for you to be able to implement your group/club, etc store. We prefer you come up with your own idea about your ID logo so you have a better chance of uniqueness and less chances to run into copyright infringements in which case more likely you will be facing an store site take down and legal actions, etc, under Section 512 (f) of DMCA.    

Plan 1                                             

Order fee $65                               

Store creation $199.                   

Profit sharing 70% you/30% us       

Operation/service/hosting   $75/month  


Plan 2                                             

Order fee $65                               

Store creation $299.                   

Profit sharing 75% you/25% us       

Operation/service/hosting   $75/month   


Plan 3                                            

Order fee $65                               

Store creation $399.                   

Profit sharing 80% you/20% us       

Operation/service/hosting   $75/month  


Plan 4                                             

Order fee $65                               

Store creation $499.                   

Profit sharing 85% you/15% us       

Operation/service/hosting   $75/month   

 Plan 5                                            

Order fee $65                              

Store creation $599.                   

Profit sharing 90% you/10% us       

Operation/service/hosting   $75/month   


 Plan 6                                             

Order fee $65                               

Store creation $699.                   

Profit sharing 95% you/5% us       

Operation/service/hosting   $75/month   


Plan 7                                             

Order fee $65                              

Store creation $799.                   

Profit sharing 100% you/0% us       

Operation/service/hosting   $75/month   

A turnkey way to promote and sell your own branded merch and accessories, no matter how many subscribers you have

It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or a million subscribers, all online social media group and club admins, video hosting creators are eligible to sell their own branded merch on their online space. Our team will assist you and work with you to make sure your designs are exactly as you’re envisioning them before we create and you launch your store and other available and future campaigns. Plus, we have those 7 plans above that go from you keeping 70% to 100% of the profits based on the plan you select, there are no hidden fees or inventory costs, and we print and ship all of your products directly to your buyers and handle any post sale issues.

What is there for you to do?                                     

Pick the plan that serve you best above, and lets get your store on its way and then or even before your store is ready you could begin  promoting your store items to excite your subscribers and and when the time comes, we’ll take care of the fulfillment of those orders and any post sale issues.

Who are we?

We are part of an innovating technology company  King Holdings LLC and we operate ecom stores of our own International Chic Brand and that is how we are able to present to you the 7 plans to facilitate our services to you and assist you in creating your store, take your orders and fulfill them and provide post sale services too, providing you a turnkey operation that you  only need to promote to your subscribers and we’ll take care of the rest from there when the orders are placed.

What is next?

After reviewing all the above  details including a deep visit to the live store, you could reply to the associate who contacted you to hopefully place your order and become part of our family.